They say you need to have life figured out in your twenties…well, I am way into my thirties and still trying to figure it out.  I know things I am passionate about…music, words, equality, chips, makeup, sparkles, shoes, sports laughter, my cats, water, hope…but I certainly don’t have the rest of the shit figured out.

I know I have good days and bad.  I struggle with depression and anxiety.  I have chronic illnesses and am a caretaker for my son with traumatic brain injury.  Yet, I am so much more than those things…I’m the girl who will walk up to a stranger to tell them they are beautiful or jump on the pool table to bust a move to Vanilla Ice.  I believe the world often has given me a crappy hand but I am doing my best to to make a full house out of a pair of duces.  Somehow we’ll make it…cause that’s what we do.  RHCP taught me that.


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