Batman, Spiderman, Captain America…All the best superheros wear a mask.  It seems as if I have a different mask for everything I have to do.  Does that make me a superhero or just not able to show the world what is behind the masks.  It seems as most often one mask is on top of another in order to give the world what it really needs.

When my masks start coming off, my charisma becomes less, I get vulnerable and it seems as if that isn’t who the world really wants to see.  They want the persona that I have created in order to keep “the girl under the mask safe.”  The irony with masks is that the superheros don’t wear them to keep themselves safe…They don’t need anyone to protect them…they wear masks to keep you safe.  If you knew who they were underneath, it might cause you to take a look at your own fragility.

The thing about a superhero, is even with all of their strength and ability to hold everyone’s shit together when everyone is falling apart, they wear their mask so they can fall apart with nobody seeing.  Their mask is for your safety.  When you can’t see their vulnerability…YOU feel strong.  Everyone likes what they see until there is no more masks.


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